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ORG Chem Group LLC

Company and Product Information

Corporate Office:
ORG Chem Group LLC
2406 Lynch Road,
Evansville, Indiana 47711

Website(s): www.chem-group.com

ORG Chem Group, LLC operates as a specialty chemical company. It manufactures and distributes industrial and specialty chemicals, including antifreeze products, heat transfer fluids, aromatic oils, glycerin based products, glycol based products, and other products. 
Source: Bloomberg

Petroleum Quality Institute of America

Antifreeze/Coolant Test Program

The Petroleum Quality Institute of America (PQIA) is an independent resource for information and insights on the quality of lubricants in the marketplace. Our mission is to serve the consumer of lubricants by randomly sampling and independently testing lubricants taken from the field. Test results are posted along with the brand names on the PQIA website. This webpage provides an analysis on the brand detailed below.

The following are the test results for the sample examined.

PolyFreeze 5/150 Long Life
Antifreeze Coolant

PolyFreeze 5/150 Long Life
Antifreeze Coolant

Distributed By: ORG Chem Group LLC, Troy, IN

Purchased at: St. Francis, KS

Date of purchase: 4/12/2016


Website(s): www.chem-group.com

Test Results and Assessment:

The results of the tests conducted on this sample are consistent with the labeled claims.

Note: Although the back label on this product provides directions about its use and dilution for recommended protection, neither the front nor the back labels state that this product is “Concentrate” antifreeze. This underscores the importance for consumers to read the labels carefully when purchasing antifreeze. Many of the antifreezes on retail shelves are 50/50 prediluted products that are used as is, without the addition of water. Unlike 50/50 prediluted products, "Concentrate" antifreeze must be mixed with water to provide the desired level of protection.

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Note: Although laboratory tests alone cannot be used to establish if coolant meets standards, they can be used to determine if it doesn't.

Physical Properties and Chemical Analysis  PolyFreeze
Percent Antifreeze, (Based on Percent Glycol) 100
Freeze Point, (ASTM D3321) in ⁰F -5
Bitterant, (ASTM D7704) in ppm 61
pH, (ASTM D1287) 11.09
Color, (Visual) Red
Chloride and Other Anions by Ion Chromatography (ASTM D5827)  
Glycolate, ppm 272
Formate, ppm 138
Chloride, ppm 8
Sulfate, ppm 45
Nitrite, ppm 2,305
Nitrate, ppm 758
Phosphate, ppm Not Detected